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Active Motif offers a collection of small-molecule epigenetic modulators (activators and inhibitors) that target changes to DNA methylation, chromatin remodeling proteins and a distinct set of bromodomains. We also offer a few small molecules that are connected to the regulation of disease, aging or other developmental processes that do not fall within our traditional classifications. A list of these activators and inhibitors is shown below.

Name Appl. Format Cat No. 価格 (税抜)  
Arecoline hydrobromide ACAT1 Inhibitor 1 g 14132 ¥18,000 Buy Now
250 mg 14133 ¥8,000 Buy Now
FK-866 HCl Nampt Inhibitor 25 mg 14030 ¥57,000 Buy Now
5 mg 14031 ¥15,000 Buy Now
UNC-2170 Methyl-lysine Binding Protein Inhibitor 25 mg 14120 ¥85,000 Buy Now
5 mg 14121 ¥25,000 Buy Now