LightSwitch™ lncRNA Promoter Products

lncRNA プロモーター制御研究

長鎖非翻訳RNAlncRNA)は、転写およびクロマチン構成の両方の制御において重要な役割を果たすことが知られています。しかし,lncRNA遺伝子プロモーターは,タンパク質遺伝子とは別に制御されていることが示唆されています。このたびアクティブ・モティフ社ではlncRNAプロモーター制御を研究するためのクローニングベクターを開発しました。弊社のルシフェラーゼアッセイシステム LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System は, タンパク質遺伝子プロモーター および マイクロRNA-3´UTR 相互作用の研究に最適で好評を博しており,その同じ試薬および方法を用いて迅速かつ簡便にlncRNAプロモーター制御を研究することができます。

重要:  弊社の LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Reagents は,タンパク質遺伝子プロモーターの制御およびマイクロRNA-3´UTR相互作用の研究で成功を収め,好評を博しておりますが、その同じ試薬および方法を用いて迅速かつ簡便にlncRNAプロモーター制御を研究することができます。

また,ある刺激条件下でlncRNAプロモーターレポーターにより生成されたルシフェラーゼシグナルを標準化するために,適切な LightSwitch Promoter Control VectorACTBまたはGAPDH)を使用する必要があります。

Name Format Product Info Cat No. Price  
LightSwitch™ FIRRE Promoter Reporter Vector 5 µg Get Info 32071 ¥89,600 Buy
LightSwitch™ GAS5 Promoter Reporter Vector 5 µg Get Info 32072 ¥89,600 Buy
LightSwitch™ HOTAIR Promoter Reporter Vector 5 µg Get Info 32073 ¥89,600 Buy
LightSwitch™ MALAT1 Promoter Reporter Vector 5 µg Get Info 32074 ¥89,600 Buy
LightSwitch™ MEG3 Promoter Reporter Vector 5 µg Get Info 32075 ¥89,600 Buy
LightSwitch™ TUG1 Promoter Reporter Vector 5 µg Get Info 32076 ¥89,600 Buy

Measure lncRNA promoter activity to:

  • Understand the mechanisms by which the expression of a lncRNA gene is induced or repressed
  • Determine the effect of sequence variations on lncRNA promoter function
  • Verify computational predictions and supplement microarray or Next-Generation sequencing data

LightSwitch lncRNA promoter assays

LightSwitch lncRNA Promoter Reporter constructs are made by cloning predicted lncRNA promoter sequences into the pLightSwitch_Prom reporter vector, upstream of the novel, engineered RenSP luciferase gene. After transfection into mammalian cells the samples can be treated, if desired, using whatever condition is to be tested. The luciferase activity is then assayed using the optimized regents found in LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Kit.

For your convenience, we have cloned a number of widely studied lncRNA promoters into the LightSwitch Promoter Reporter vector. These are available as sequence-verified, transfection-ready reporter constructs, so you can begin assays to study how these promoters are regulated immediately, without the need to clone, sequence or prepare the DNA. Alternatively, you can clone your own sequence into an Empty LightSwitch Promoter Reporter Vector or utilize our economical Custom Cloning services.

Diagram detailing the LightSwitch lncRNA Promoter Reporter Assay
Graph showing lncRNA promoter activity of FIRRE, GAS5, MALAT1 and GAS5 in response to paclitaxel stimulation
Figure 1: Measuring the activity of lncRNA promoters.

The promoters of 4 different lncRNA genes were cloned into LightSwitch Promoter Reporter vectors and transfected into MCF-7 cells in triplicate. Following stimulation with DMSO or paclitaxel, luciferase assays were performed using the LightSwitch Luciferase Assay Kit, and the data was normalized by dividing the average of each lncRNA promoter signal by those of a positive control LightSwitch ACTB promoter construct that was assayed under the same conditions.