LightSwitch™ Custom Stable Cell Line Development Services

accelerate your research

Stably transfected reporter cell lines are important tools for innovative drug discovery including advanced drug screening for new targets as well as validation of existing targets. However, developing stable cell lines can be time consuming and complex. Thus, let Active Motif simplify your cell line development efforts for cell-based reporter assays. We specialize in reporter cell lines for research use and biopharmaceutical applications, and can produce custom cell lines using any regulatory element or biomarker from our LightSwitch™ collection of over 30,000 targets - in your cell line of choice.

Key Advantages of employing stable cell lines in your cell based assays,

  • Reproducible expression – Overcome inconsistency in reproducibility of expression levels.
  • Extended Assay Length – Measure changes in expression over longer time courses than possible with transient assays.
  • Difficult to Transfect cell Lines – Stable Cell Line generation enables the use of difficult to transfect cell lines.
  • High-throughput Screening – Stable cell lines are ideal for both primary and secondary high-throughput screening.

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