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Suspension Cell FACE™

adapt any FACE Kit for use with non-adherent cells

The Suspension Cell FACE module was designed to be used with any colorimetric or chemiluminescent FACE Kit; it provides you with 96-well filter plates that make it easier to perform washing & liquid handling steps through use of an appropriate vacuum manifold.

Simply substitute the filter tissue culture plates provided in Suspension Cell FACE for the standard 96-well plates supplied with FACE Kits, and use the Suspension Cell Blocking Buffer in place of the Antibody Blocking Buffer. In addition, fluorescent Hoechst stain is included for normalizing results, as the Crystal Violet stain included in FACE Kits stains the filters of the 96-well filter plates.

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Suspension Cell FACE™ 2 x 96 rxns 48305 ¥40,000 Buy Now
Suspension Cell FACE™ Chemi 2 x 96 rxns 48405 ¥40,000 Buy Now
Measurement of phosphorylated ERK1/2 (T202/Y204 & T185/Y187) and total ERK1/2 using the Suspension Cell FACE module and the FACE ERK1/2 Cell Based ELISA (In Cell Western) method.
Figure 1: FACE ERK1/2 with the Suspension Cell FACE module.

The Suspension Cell FACE module was used with FACE ERK1/2 Chemi to assay 50,000 Jurkat cells per well. Jurkat cells were serum-starved and treated with 100 ng/ml PMA (Phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate) for 15 minutes. A three-fold increase in phospho-ERK1/2 was detected in the assay.

FACE™ の使用法

96ウェルプレートで細胞を培養し, 目的の経路を誘導する刺激を与えます。刺激を与えた後, 細胞を固定することでリン酸化を含むタンパク質修飾が保持されます。ブロッキング反応の後, それぞれのウェルに目的タンパク質に特異的な一次抗体, 続いてHRP標識二次抗体を加えます。その

FACE flow chart
図1: FACE の操作法

Contents & Storage

Two 96-well filter colorimetric or chemiluminescent tissue culture plates, FACE Blocking Buffer and Hoechst Stain. Store reagents at 4°C. All reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months when stored properly.