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Cell and Organelle Stains

fluorescent dyes for live or fixed cell imaging

Active Motif offers several products to study cellular structure using fluorescence microscopy or high-content applications. Our Cell and Organelle Stains are a collection of innovative fluorescent dyes that provide specific and efficient staining of subcellular structures in live and in fixed cells. A key feature is that the dyes become fluorescent only after specific binding to target structures; this eliminates background fluorescence caused by any unbound dye. The Cell and Organelle Stains serve as counter-stains in microscopy and can be used as a live cell stain to monitor changes in cell morphology, changes to mitochondrial structure and number, or as a cell-tracer in cell populations. The unique Stem Cell CDy1 Dye accumulates specifically in stem cells, allowing their identification from feeder cells or mixed cultures.

  • LavaCell™ is a naturally fluorescent compound that diffuses into live or fixed cells, where it stains the plasma membrane and internal membranes, such as those of the nucleus, Golgi and ER.
  • Chromeo™ Live Cell Mitochondrial Staining Kit is a membrane permeable dye that selectively stains mitochondria in living cells.
  • Stem Cell CDy1 Dye is a unique fluorescent dye for easy identification of stem cells by flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy .

The following table summarizes the fluorescent properties of the organelle-specific dyes, and provides an overview about their performance in different staining experiments.

Cell and Organelle Stain Live cells Fixed cells Long-term staining
Excitation Emission
LavaCell™ Live Cell Membrane Staining ✓* 405, 488 and 532 nm 610 nm
Chromeo™ Live Cell Mitochondrial Stain 470-550 nm 610 nm
Stem Cell CDy1 Dye 480-560 nm 570-660 nm
* While LavaCell is an excellent tool for long-term studies, the dye needs to be kept in the culture medium during the experiment.