Mitochondrial Fractionation Kit


This product has been discontinued.

 Mitochondrial Fractionation Kit は哺乳動物細胞から高濃縮されたミトコンドリア画分および細胞質画分を抽出するためのキットで, アポトーシスや多くのシグナル伝達経路で起こるタンパク質の細胞内移動の解析を単純化できます。操作方法は簡便で, 超遠心を行う必要がなく, 毒性のある化学物質を使用しません。

Name Format Cat No. Price  
Mitochondrial Fractionation Kit 100 rxns 40015 Discontinued

The Mitochondrial Fractionation Kit's high-quality reagents and optimized protocol eliminate cross-contamination and produce high yields of properly segregated mitochondrial & cytosolic fractions (Figure 1). Extracts are ideal for use in procedures that require mitochondrial extract, like gelshift assays, Western blot analysis, ELISA or other assays.

The Mitochondrial Fractionation Kit advantage

  • Quality-controlled reagents ensure reproducibility
  • No need to optimize your own procedure
  • Complete kit contains all required reagents
  • Prepare both the cytosolic & mitochondrial fractions

Localization of cytochrome c

Figure 1: Localization of cytochrome c in HeLa cells.

HeLa cells were grown to 90-95% confluence and treated with 10 µM Actinomycin D. Cells were harvested at 0 hours and after 16 hours of induction. Mitochondrial and cytosolic extracts were isolated using the Mitochondrial Fractionation Kit. Two µg of each lysate was tested using the FunctionELISA™ Cytochrome c Kit (A) and Western blot analysis using a 4-20% Tris-Glycine gel (B). The results demonstrate that the Mitochondrial Fractionation Kit isolates specific fractions, with little cross-contamination. (The FunctionELISA Cytochrome c Kit has since been discontinued.)

Lane 1: Cytosolic extract, no induction
Lane 2: Mitochondrial extract, no induction
Lane 3: Cytosolic extract, 16 hr post-induction
Lane 4: Mitochondrial extract, 16 hr post-induction
Lane 5: Protein standard

Contents & Storage

Each Mitochondrial Fractionation Kit contains sufficient reagents to perform 100 mitochondrial and cytosolic extractions from a 100 mm tissue culture dish of cells grown to confluence.