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TransAM® 転写因子活性化アッセイのしくみ

TransAM® キットは、哺乳動物の組織および細胞抽出物における転写因子活性化の研究を容易にする、高感度の非放射性転写因子ELISAベースのアッセイです。これらの最適化されたアッセイは多くの異なる転写因子に利用可能です。彼らがどのように働くかについて学ぶために、この短いビデオを見てください。

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The Nu.Q Assay Technology

Active Motif's Nu.Q Total Assay Kit offers the unique ability to determine total levels of intact circulating cell-free nucleosomes in human serum. Powered by VolitionRx.

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Overview of TAM-ChIPTM Technology

This short video provides an overview of the transposase-assisted multiplex ChIP (TAM-ChIP) technology. TAM-ChIP is a robust, one-step method that combines the antibody-directed protein targeting of ChIP with Illumina-compatible next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation into a single step.

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EpiShear Sonicators from Active Motif

Active Motif’s EpiShear sonication products are ideal for shearing chromatin for use in chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP). They were designed to save you time and effort, and include features like a fully programmable digital display to give you the control needed to get the most reproducible results possible.

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Protein G Agarose Prepacked Columns

Active Motif's ready-to-use, pre-washed, and pre-packed Protein G Agarose Columns have been specifically engineered to greatly reduce non-specific binding in ChIP assays. Simply add the ChIP reaction and perform the incubation and wash steps on the column to streamline the process and prevent any loss of material, offering a faster and more reproducible solution to centrifugation and magnetic separation methods.

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Identifying Targets of Human microRNAs Using LightSwitchTM 3' UTR GoClones® and miRNA Mimics

This video describes how to use the LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System to identify miRNA targets by co-transfecting individual 3'UTR luciferase reporter constructs and miRNA mimics. This protocol is efficient, reproducible, and amenable to high-throughput analysis.

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