MAXblock™ Blocking Medium


 MAXblock™ Blocking Medium は,免疫染色および免疫蛍光染色のための非哺乳類性のブロッキング剤です。優れたブロッキング性は,二次抗体との交差反応性を示さないタンパク質混合物を用いることで得られます。このブロッキング試薬を使用することにより, 免疫染色実験や免疫組織化学的検査において, 抗体の非特異的結合をブロックすることが証明されています。


MAXblock™ Blocking Medium (Cat. No. 15252)

Name Format Cat No. Price  
MAXblock™ Blocking Medium 150 ml 15252 ¥34,000 Buy
MAXpack™ Immunostaining Media Kit 1 kit 15251 ¥84,000 Buy
MAXwash™ Washing Medium 1000 ml 15254 ¥28,000 Buy

MAXblock blocking efficacy

Figure 1: MAXblock blocking efficacy.
Methanol-fixed HeLa cells grown on a coverslip were blocked overnight with MAXblock (A), 5% non-fat dry milk (C), 5% BSA (D) or Thermo-Fisher Pierce Sea Block (E). Cells were then incubated with a fluorescent anti-rabbit secondary antibody at a dilution of 1:250 (far above the recommended dilution to demonstrate the effectiveness of MAXblock), washed with MAXwash and mounted with DAPI. Any observed signal (pseudo-colored red) is caused by non-specific binding of the secondary due to incomplete blocking. Note that no staining is observed in panel A, demonstrating the effectiveness of MAXblock. (Panel B is a 150% overexposure of the fluorescent channel of the MAXblock slide, which shows cell position and demonstrates that antibody binding is barely detectable above background.) Experiments with an anti-mouse secondary gave nearly identical results.

Get the exact immunofluorescence reagents you need

For your convenience, MAXblock is also offered as a component in the MAXpack™ Immunostaining Media Kit, which also contains MAXbind™ Staining Medium and MAXwash™ Washing Medium.

Contents & Storage

150 ml of MAXblock Blocking Medium. The MAXpack™ Immunostaining Media Kit contains 150 ml MAXblock, 250 ml of MAXbind™ and 1000 ml of MAXwash™. Store all media at 4°C; all reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months when stored properly.