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PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator Overview

Next-generation sequencing applications, such as ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, RIP-Seq, exome sequencing, and whole genome sequencing require precise sample fragmentation (200-600 bp) for compatibility with short read sequencing platforms. Shearing by physical sonication, as opposed to enzymatic methods, is preferred for its unbiased nature and ability to produce a relatively narrow fragmentation profile.

However, most currently available sonication systems are incompatible with high-throughput sample processing or require expensive proprietary plates or tubes. PIXUL is the first and only multi-sample sonicator that delivers extremely consistent shearing of up to 96 samples processed in parallel and is fast, simple, and inexpensive to operate.

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PIXUL Multi-sample Sonicator

PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator Highlights:

  • Process 1-96 samples in parallel to avoid sample shearing bottlenecks in NGS applications
  • Up to 12 unique sonication conditions can be run on a single 96-well plate, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple sample types and rapid optimization of conditions for difficult samples
  • Compatible with chromatin, DNA, RNA, and protein from purified samples, cells, or tissues
  • Inexpensive consumables keep sample processing costs low
  • A short 15-minute coupling fluid circulation avoids lengthy water degassing processes

Advanced Sonication with the PIXUL™ Multi-Sample Sonicator

Watch this short video to learn more about PIXUL™, the first and only multi-sample sonicator that delivers extremely consistent shearing of up to 96 samples processed in parallel and is fast, simple, and inexpensive to operate.

Unsurpassed Sonication Consistency at an Affordable Operating Cost

High-throughput sonication on other platforms is currently limited by the cost of consumables (expensive proprietary tubes, plates, and reagents). However, the low cost, round-bottom plates used with the PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator are directly compatible with cell culture and shearing, eliminating sample transfer steps that are inconvenient and can lead to sample loss. Furthermore, the Coupling Fluid used in the PIXUL instrument does not require lengthy degassing and can be adequately circulated and ready for sonication in approximately 15 minutes. The sonication run itself for up to 96 samples takes just 10-30 minutes, depending on the sample type and application.

Comparison of Pricing, Throughput, and Workflow Preparation Time for PIXUL and Competitor Sonication Systems

PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator Data

Extremely Consistent Shearing of Genomic DNA

Highly consistent shearing of genomic DNA to an appropriate size for conversion into functional NGS libraries is integral to high quality and comparable next-generation sequencing data. Manual shearing with a probe sonicator or shearing with an inconsistent high-throughput sonicator can lead to sample-to-sample variability.

To test the consistency of the PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator, purified genomic DNA was loaded into all 96 wells of the PIXUL 96-well plate, processed, and fragmentation profiles examined for sonication consistency and efficiency. Highly consistent average fragment lengths and standard deviations were observed across the entire plate.

DNA Shearing Consistency with the PIXUL Instrument

Figure 1: The PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator consistently sonicates purified genomic DNA samples to an optimal fragmentation profile. 10 µg of salmon sperm DNA was loaded into each well of the PIXUL 96-well plate. The samples were processed for 36 minutes. Fragmentation profiles were examined on an agarose gel. Average fragment size is 307 +/- 35 bp. Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 Jul 9; 47(12):e69.

PIXUL Delivers More Consistent Chromatin Shearing than Competitor C

ChIP-Seq studies benefit from relatively narrow and consistent chromatin shearing profiles, as this can improve the resolution of transcription factor binding sites or the locations of histone post-translational modifications.

To evaluate chromatin sonication consistency between different multi-sample sonicators, we compared chromatin shearing performed with the PIXUL to a leading Competitor C sonication system. PIXUL demonstrated more consistency in chromatin shearing than the Competitor C system.

Chromatin Shearing Consistency with the PIXUL Compared to Competitor C

Figure 2: The PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator consistently sonicates chromatin to an optimal fragmentation profile. 200,000 HCT116 cells were loaded into each well of the PIXUL 96-well plate or the proprietary Competitor C plate. Sonication of these samples was performed and fragmentation profiles were examined by agarose gel electrophoresis. PIXUL samples have a tighter size distribution and increased consistency across the plate. Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 Jul 9; 47(12):e69.

PIXUL Enables More Consistent Sonication and Higher Chromatin Recovery than Competitor D

ChIP-Seq studies have historically required chromatin preparation from millions of cells because the limitations created by inefficienct sonication. As ChIP-Seq techniques have progressed, the number of input cells required has decreased by maximizing the efficiency of sonication and chromatin recovery.

PIXUL 96-well plates are compatible with cell culture, fixation, and sonication steps there's no need to transfer samples from culture plates to sonication plates and risk sample loss. Compared to Competitor D, PIXUL exhibits a tighter size distribution of chromatin fragments following sonication, as well as higher chromatin recovery (data not shown).

Chromatin Shearing is More Consistent with PIXUL than Competitor D

Figure 3: The PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator consistently sonicates chromatin to an optimal fragmentation profile. HEK293 cells were loaded into each well of the PIXUL 96-well plate. They were cultured, fixed, and chromatin fragmented in the same plate without any sample transfers. Competitor D exhibits less consistent fragmentation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 Jul 9; 47(12):e69.

PIXUL Delivers Equivalent Exome Sequencing Results as Competitor C for a Fraction of the Cost

PIXUL was compared to Competitor C in an exome sequencing experiment, which requires DNA shearing as a first step. Using 500 ng of input DNA, samples were sheared with either PIXUL or Competitor C, libraries were constructed, enriched for the exome, and sequenced. Several sequencing metrics were analyzed to determine the PIXUL instrument produced exome libraries that performed equivalently to Competitor C, at just a fraction of the sample preparation cost for the instrument and consumables. 

Exome Sequencing Metrics from PIXUL and Competitor C

Figure 4: The PIXUL and Competitor C sonication systems were used to shear 500 ng genomic DNA samples prior to constructing exome sequencing libraries. NGS metrics indicate that these libraries performed equivalently. Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 Jul 9; 47(12):e69.

Dr. David Gorkin Discusses the PIXUL™

Dr. David Gorkin, the Associate Director of Epigenomics at the Center for Epigenomics at UCSD, discusses his experiencing demoing our PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator and covers its advantages relative to other sonication instruments.

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PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator Storage & Contents

The PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator is shipped at room temperature and should be operated in an environment of 15°C - 25°C and maximum relative humidity of 85%.

Each unit includes the following components:

  • PIXUL instrument
  • Power cord
  • Drain hose

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PIXUL™ is sold under an exclusive license to patents owned by Matchstick Technologies Inc. and University of Washington, specifically Matula, T.J.; Bomsztyk, K.; Darlington, G.P., Maxwell, A.D.; MacConaghy, B.E., Reed, J. “Ultrasound system for shearing cellular material”. US Patent US10809166. European Patent EP3169451.

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