ChIP DNA精製キット

迅速かつ簡便にChIP DNAサンプルを精製


アクティブ・モティフ社の Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit は,迅速にChIP DNAサンプルを精製することができ,得られたChIP DNAサンプルは,面倒で,多くの人出を要し,時間のかかるフェノール/クロロホルム抽出の必要なしに,下流アッセイに使用できます。弊社の精製方法はクロマチン免疫沈降およびエピジェネティクス研究への活用に最適化されており,ChIP-IT® Express クロマチン免疫沈降キットを用いて得られたサンプルと完全に互換性があります。

qPCR on ChIP DNA purified with the Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit
ChIP DNA Purification Kit は,フェノール/クロロホルム抽出およびエタノール沈殿と同等の結果を与える。


ChIP DNA Purification Kitの詳細については,以下の MethodData または Contents タブをクリックしてください。 マニュアルまたは関連書類については,Documents タブをクリックしてください。

Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit の利点

  • 精製されたDNA回収率:85-100% 
  • わずか10,000個の細胞から精製可能
  • 50 bp DNA断片の回復が可能
  • アクティブ・モティフ社または他メーカーのChIPキットとの互換性あり
  • 弊社のhMeDIP, MeDIP, MethylCollector™ Ultra および HypoMethylCollector™ キットからのDNA精製にも使用可能
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Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit 50 rxns 58002 ¥30,000 Buy

What is the Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit?

The Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit is designed to be used to purify DNA following chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP). It contains all necessary reagents to purify DNA from 50 ChIP reactions. The Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit is compatible with samples from:

  • Active Motif ChIP-IT kits
  • ChIP kits from other manufacturers
  • Standard ChIP protocols
  • Agarose or paramagnetic beads
  • Mechanical or enzymatic shearing

The Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit method

Following elution of the ChIP DNA sample from the beads, the DNA is mixed with the DNA Purification Binding Buffer. Binding of the ChIP DNA to the DNA purification column is pH dependent, so the DNA Purification Binding Buffer contains a pH indicator allowing the pH to be monitored. As ChIP elution buffers tend to be of high pH, the Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit contains 3M Sodium Acetate to adjust the pH to the ideal range. After binding and washing, the ChIP DNA is eluted, the purified DNA is suitable for a number of downstream analysis techniques, including PCR (endpoint or quantitative), Southern blotting, microarray, standard or NextGen sequencing or cloning.

Why Do You Need the Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit?

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a powerful, well established technique for studying interactions between chromatin-associated proteins and specific regions of the genome. The use of ChIP in combination with genome-wide analysis techniques can yield a tremendous amount of information regarding the distribution of transcription factors and histone modifications, but these techniques require DNA that has been purified away from the components and contaminants present in an eluted ChIP sample. Active Motif’s Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit allows you to quickly clean up your ChIP DNA samples and get them ready for analysis, without the need for messy, labor intensive and time consuming phenol/chloroform extraction. Our method is optimized for chromatin IP and epigenetics applications and completely compatible with samples generated using our ChIP-IT® Express chromatin immunoprecipitation kits.

Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit Advantages

  • Purify your ChIP DNA samples quickly and easily
  • Compatible with Active Motif ChIP-IT Express Kits as well as those from other manufacturers
  • Optimized for use with epigenetics applications
  • Purify DNA from agarose bead or paramagnetic bead enrichment methods
  • Convenient pH indicator to insure your binding reaction occurs at the correct pH
  • Versatile – can also be used with our MethylCollector Ultra Kit

Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit be...


used after 5-hydroxymethylcytidine MeDIP? Yes.

used after 5-methycytidine MeDIP? Yes. Note: The MeDIP procedure using the 5-Methylcytidine antibody (Catalog No. 39649) requires the DNA to be made single stranded. Single stranded DNA does not bind as efficiently to the silica matrix of the column so recovery may not be 100%, but our kit has been shown to work as well as the leading competitor’s kit.

used with other Active Motif Kits such as the MethylCollector family? Yes.

used to purify DNA samples from other manufacturer’s ChIP kits? Yes.

used to purify DNA samples from non-kit based ChIP protocols? Yes.

used with a vacuum manifold? Yes.

used to purify RNA? Not recommended. The buffers are not guaranteed to be RNase-free.

used to purify PCR products? Yes.

used to clean up restriction enzyme reactions? Yes.

Contents & Storage

DNA Purification Binding Buffer, DNA Purification Wash Buffer, DNA Purification Elution Buffer, 3M Sodium Acetate, DNA purification columns (50), DNA column collection tubes (50). All reagents should be stored at room temperature. All reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months when stored properly.


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