Bridging Antibody for Mouse IgG


マウス抗体の一部のアイソタイプは、標準的な免疫沈降およびクロマチン免疫沈降実験で用いられる,プロテインG共役アガロースビーズ/磁気ビーズと十分に結合しません。これは,プロテインGビーズとマウス一次抗体の両方と強い親和性で結合する,抗マウスIgG架橋抗体(anti-mouse IgG bridging antibody)を使用することによって改善されます。プロテインGビーズのためのマウス一次抗体の親和性の増加により、マウスIgG用架橋抗体の使用は,マウス一次抗体を使う全てのChIPおよび免疫沈降実験の結果を改善するのを助けます。

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The Bridging Antibody for Mouse IgG helps improve immunoprecipitation (ChIP and IP) experiments that use primary mouse antibody by improving the affinity of the mouse primary antibody for the protein G-conjugated agarose/magnetic beads that are used in immunoprecipitation (Figure 1).

Bridging Antibody Data

Figure 1: Improvement in ChIP using the Bridging Antibody for Mouse IgG.
ChIP was performed using chromatin from U-937 cells induced with TNF-α (10 ng/ml for one hour). PCR was performed with primers corresponding to the human IL-8 promoter.

Lanes 1-4: Beads pre-incubated with no bridging antibody.
Lanes 5-8: Beads pre-incubated with 5 µg bridging antibody.
Lanes 1, 2, 5 & 6: ChIP performed using NFκB p65 mouse monoclonal antibody, 2 µg per IP.
Lanes 3, 4, 7 & 8: ChIP performed using negative control mouse IgG.

Contents & Storage

Five hundred µg of affinity-purified anti-mouse IgG in PBS, 30% glycerol and 0.035% sodium azide. Store at -20°C. Guaranteed stable for 6 months when stored properly.