Cell transfection & transformation are important to anyone studying the effects & regulation of genes and their encoded proteins. Active Motif offers several innovative tools for these areas of research, including the LightSwitch™ Luciferase Assay System for measuring the functional activity of promoters and 3´UTRs in living mammalian cells, and the novel protein delivery reagent Chariot™, which efficiently transports biologically active proteins, peptides, and antibodies directly into living cells.
Competent Cells Plated

RapidTrans™ Chemically Competent Cells

If you’re a busy researcher who doesn’t want to waste time or money, our RapidTrans™ Competent cells are for you. The kit includes high-quality chemically competent E. coli with an efficiency of > 1 x 108 cfu/µg pUC19 DNA, SOC media and supercoiled pUC19 DNA control. Individual tubes (including a 96-tube tray) and flexible ordering options make it easy to perform 1 or 96 cell transformations at a time, eliminating the reduced efficiencies that occur as a result of repeated freeze / thaw cycles.

Why choose RapidTrans™?

  • Freedom to use anywhere from 1-96 reactions
  • No wasted reactions
  • Efficiency of > 1x108 cfu/µg
  • Economical pricing
  • Adaptable to high-throughput use
RapidTrans Competent Cells come complete with a tray of 96 tubes of cells, SOC media, supercoiled pUC19 DNA control and sterile reservoirs

RapidTrans provide everything needed for high-efficiency transformation.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
RapidTrans™ TAM1 Competent E. coli 1 x 96 rxns 11096 Discontinued
5 x 96 rxns 11596 Discontinued

RapidTrans Competent E. coli は高品質で, 形質転換効率は > 1 x 108 cfu/µg pUC19 DNAです。本製品はコンピテント大腸菌の他にSOC 培地, スーパーコイルpUC19 DNAコントロール, マルチチャンネルピペッター用の滅菌済みリザーバーが含まれます。

RapidTrans の利点

  • 使用する反応ウェルを1-96個の範囲で自由に選択できます。
  • 安定して高い品質と効率を示す大腸菌です。
  • 形質転換効率は > 1x108 cfu/µgです。
  • 経済的です
  • ハイスループット対応です。



mcrA Δ(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) Φ80lacZΔM15 ΔlacX74 recA1 araD139 Δ(ara-leu)7697 galgalrpsLendA1 nupG

RapidTrans TAM1 E. coli is a chemically competent strain that has been genetically modified for use in cloning, plasmid preparation and library construction. The cells are supplied with an efficiency of > 1 x 108cfu/µg.