Fluorescent Kits for Cell Biology

Active Motif, through its Active Motif Chromeon division, strives to develop innovative cell biology assays that incorporate its proprietary fluorescent dyes, conjugates and target-specific fluorescent probes. Active Motif Chromeon dyes and substrates have been engineered to optimize the applications in which they are used, providing a broad range of fluorescence excitation and emission, large Stokes shifts, limited photobleaching and a broad pH tolerance. To see additional product details, please click on highlighted links below.

  • ProStain™ is a fluorescent dye that makes it easy to more accurately determine the concentration of cellular extracts and proteins.
  • The Albumin Blue Fluorescent Assay Kit is a quantitative assay designed to measure albumin levels in biological samples including serum and urine.
  • ToxCount™ is a two-color fluorescent cell viability assay that detects live and dead cells simultaneously.