Recombinant Transposase Enzymes

Tn5 and pA-Tn5 proteins for ATAC-Seq and CUT&Tag

The recombinant Tn5 and pA-Tn5 enzymes are useful for many applications, including ATAC-Seq, CUT&Tag assays, Tagmentation, ChIPmentation, and more.

In addition to our ATAC-Seq Kit, bulk ATAC-Seq service, and single-cell ATAC-Seq service, CUT&Tag-IT Assay Kit, and CUT&Tag Service, Active Motif also offers a highly active and pure recombinant Tn5 or pA-Tn5 enzymes. Recombinant Tn5 and pA-Tn5 are now available for bulk purchase, with minimum order size of 10 µg.

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Name Format Cat No. Price  
pA-Tn5 Transposase 10 µg 53161 Get Quote
pA-Tn5 Transposase 100 µg 53162 Get Quote
Recombinant Tn5 Transposase protein 10 µg 81286 Get Quote
Recombinant Tn5 Transposase protein 100 µg 81284 Get Quote