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Download Our Scientific Posters

Active Motif’s team of expert scientists travel around the world presenting data at conferences and scientific meetings. Here’s a list of some of our posters we presented for you to download if you weren’t able to attend.

New High-Throughput Methods for the Epigenomic Characterization of Human Disease States

The new methods described in this poster, such as the PIXUL 96-well sonicator, transposase-assisted multiplex ChIP (TAM-ChIP), high-throughput ChIP, low cell number ChIP, and ChIP from FFPE tissues, are making it easier to characterize the epigenomic profiles associated with human diseases.

Download the poster
Epigenetics and Disease

Epi-Seq: Epigenome Landscape Mapping for Clinical and Drug Discovery Settings

This poster describes Epi-Seq, a complete experimental solution that will dramatically reduce the technical expertise and touch-time needed to perform ChIP-Seq, while also increasing consistency and throughput.

Download the poster
Epigenetics and Drug Discovery

Novel High-Throughput Tools for Detecting Age-Associated Epigenetic Changes in Liquid Biopsies

This poster demonstrates the applications of Active Motif’s high-throughput approaches to detect epigenetic alterations in human serum samples from healthy young and old individuals.

Download the poster
Epigenetics of Aging

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