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The Role of Hat1p in Chromatin Assembly (Mark Parthun)

Episode 122

April 4, 2024

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we talked with Mark Parthun from Ohio State University about his work on the role of Hat1p in chromatin assembly.

Mark Parthun shares insights into his pivotal paper in 2004 that explored the link between type B histone acetyltransferases and chromatin assembly, setting the stage for his current research interests in epigenetics. He highlights the role of HAT1 in acetylating lysines on newly synthesized histones, its involvement in double-strand break repair, and the search for phenotypes associated with HAT1 mutations.

The discussion expands to a collaborative research project between two scientists uncovering the roles of HAT1 and NASP as chaperones in chromatin assembly. Transitioning from yeast to mouse models, the team investigated the effects of HAT1 knockout on mouse phenotypes, particularly in lung development and craniofacial morphogenesis. They also explored the impact of histone acetylation on chromatin dynamics and its influence on lifespan, aging processes, and longevity.