Customer Support / カスタマーサポート

  • Canada

    Customers in Canada may place their order directly with
    Active Motif's US office, or with our Canadian distributor,

  • Europe

    Telephone: Germany Free Phone: 0800/181 99 10
    France Free Phone: 0800/90 99 79
    UK Free Phone: 0800/169 31 47
    Other Countries, Direct: +32 (0)2 653 0001
    Fax: +32 (0)2 653 0050

    Purchasing Directly from Active Motif Europe
    Customers in the following countries should place their
    orders directly with Active Motif's Belgium office,
    • Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany
    • Luxembourg, Nederlands, Norway, Slovakia
    • Switzerland, The United Kingdom

    Purchasing through a Distributor
    If your country is not listed above, please refer to
    the Find a Distributor page.

  • Other Countries

    If your country is not represented on the Find a Distributor
    page, please contact the nearest Active Motif office.


Terms & Conditions

For details on what is required to place an order, please refer to our Terms & Conditions documentation.