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Cambridge Cancer Epigenetics Club Seminar Series

Cambridge Cancer Epigenetics Club

The Cambridge Cancer Epigenetics Club (CCEC) is a network of researchers united by their dedication to investigating various aspects of the role epigenetic mechanisms play in cancer. The CCEC will host inspiring seminars each month that share cutting edge research from leading labs across the globe. The CCEC aims to use this innovative digital platform to discuss the latest developments in the field, spark collaboration, and provide a forum for networking.

The CCEC was founded by and is hosted by: Dr. Shuchi Agrawal Singh (University of Cambridge), Dr. Sarantis Chlamydas (Active Motif), Professor Brian Huntly (University of Cambridge), and Professor Wolf Reik (Babraham Institute).

Registration is free of charge but is required.

Event Details

Please visit the Cambridge Cancer Epigenetics Club web page to register for upcoming seminars, for an up-to-date schedule of speakers, and for more information about CCEC events.

Visit CCEC Page

CCEC Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @CancrEpigenetic

Active Motif is proud to support the Cambridge Cancer Epigenetics Club.