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Epigenetics and Breast Cancer

Active Motif is proud to provide epigenetic products and services which contribute to advancements in breast cancer research. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, we’d like to highlight some of the epigenetic mechanisms that can contribute to breast cancer, and tools that can be used to investigate these mechanisms and their response to drug treatment.

Breast Cancer and Epigenetics

Investigate epigenetic mechanisms contributing to breast cancer with the following kits, available from Active Motif:

  • ChIP-IT HS®: The most sensitive ChIP kit available on the market.
  • MethylCollectorTMUltra: A fast magnetic assay capable of efficiently isolating methylated CpG islands from fragmented genomic DNA.
  • TransAM®: Sensitive, non-radioactive transcription factor ELISA kits.


Check out these recent publications from scientists using our products:

  1. Hervouet et al., 2015. The Autophagy GABARAPL1 Gene is Epigenetically Regulated in Breast Cancer Models. BMC Cancer 15: 729.
  2. Hoffmann et al., 2018. Hypoxia Promotes Breast Cancer Cell Invasion Through HIF-1α-Mediated Up-Regulation of the Invadopodial Actin Bundling Protein CSRP2. Scientific Reports 8: 10191.
  3. Kastrati et al., 2015. A Novel Aspirin Prodrug Inhibits NFκB Activity and Breast Cancer Stem Cell Properties. BMC Cancer 15: 845.