Recombinant KDM2A / FBXL11 protein

Aliases: Lysine Demethylase 2A, Jumonji C Domain-Containing Histone Demethylase 1A, JHDM1A
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Expressed In: Baculovirus Protein Species: Human

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Full length recombinant FBXL11 / KDM2A protein was expressed in Sf9 cells and is provided in 25 mM Hepes pH 7.5, 300 mM NaCl, 5% Glycerol, 0.2 mg/ml 3× FLAG peptide. Please refer to product insert upon arrival for lot-specific concentration.


Lysine (K)-specific demethylase 2A (KDM2A), also known as FBXL11, JHDM1A, CXXC8, nucleates at CpG islands and specifically demethylates ‘Lys-36’ of histone H3, thereby playing a central role in histone code. Preferentially demethylates dimethylated H3 ‘Lys-36’ residue while it has weak or no activity for mono- and tri-methylated H3 ‘Lys-36’. May also recognize and bind to some phosphorylated proteins and promote their ubiquitination and degradation. Required to maintain the heterochromatic state. Associates with centromeres and represses transcription of small non-coding RNAs that are encoded by the clusters of satellite repeats at the centromere. Required to sustain centromeric integrity and genomic stability, particularly during mitosis.

Application Notes

Recombinant KDM2A / FBXL11 is suitable for use in the study of enzyme kinetics, inhibitor screening, and selectivity profiling.

Specific Activity: H3K36me2 demethylase.

Catalytic Ability: 13 turnovers/ enzyme molecule.

Histone Demethylase Assay Conditions: 3.3 μM H3K36me2 peptide was incubated with 100 nM recombinant FBXL11 / KDM2A protein in reaction buffer containing 50 mM HEPES pH 7.5, 0.02% Triton X100, 100 μM 2OG, 100 μM Ascorbate, 50 μM (NH4)2Fe(SO4)2·6H2O, 1 mM TCEP for 2 hours at room temperature. MALDI-TOF was used for detection.

Protein Details

Recombinant KDM2A / FBXL11 (accession number NP_036440.1) was expressed in Sf9 and contains an N-terminal FLAG-Tag with a molecular weight of 128 kDa. The recombinant protein is >75% pure by SDS-PAGE.


Recombinant KDM2A / FBXL11 protein gel.
KDM2A / FBXL11 protein was run on a 8% SDS-PAGE gel and stained with Coomassie blue.

Recombinant KDM2A / FBXL11 protein activity assay.
3.3 μM H3K36me2 peptide was incubated with 100 nM FBXL11 / KDM2A in reaction buffer for 2 hours at room temperature. The reaction product was detected by MALDI-TOF. Single 3.3 μM H3K36me2 peptide was used as negative control.


Recombinant proteins in solution are temperature sensitive and must be stored at -80°C to prevent degradation. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles and keep on ice when not in storage.


This product is guaranteed for 6 months from date of receipt.

This product is for research use only and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.