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Aliases: 3-(1-Azepanylsulfonyl)-N-(3-bromophenyl)benzamide
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Application: Sirtuins

for AK-7Chemical Properties

MW = 437.4
CAS 420831-40-9
MP = 148-151°C
>98% (TLC); NMR (Conforms)

for AK-7Description

A selective Sirt2 inhibitor (IC50 = 15.5 M) which does not bind Sirt1 or Sirt3 (ref 1). It down-regulates cholesterol biosynthesis genes in primary striatal neurons (ref 1). Displays neuroprotective effects in Huntington's disease mouse models including improved motor function, extended survival and reduce brain atrophy all of which were associated with reduced aggregated mutant huntingtin (ref 2).

for AK-7Contents

White powder. May be dissolved in DMSO (50 mg/ml); Ethanol (8 mg/ml, warm).

for AK-7Storage Conditions

Store desiccated as supplied at room temperature for up to 3 years. Store solutions at -20°C for up to 3 months.

for AK-7References

1. DM Taylor et al. ACS Chem. Biol. 2011, 6:540
2. V Chopra et al. Cell Rep. 2012, 2:1492

Chemical structure of AK-7.

Chemical structure of AK-7


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Chemical structure of AK-7.

Chemical structure of AK-7.
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